AirtelScreen is a new era of nonstop entertainment services. It brings you lots of different (all time) video contents (i.e. music videos, movies, dramas, TV shows and many more programs) through APP.
Key Features

· Video Content
AirtelScreen is a sea of video contents due to having a vast amount of contents.

· Short Video clips

You can watch short clips/prime plots of different videos. So that you can enjoy your off times even you don’t want to watch the full movies or dramas.

· Stream Wherever
AirtelScreen is prepared just for you. It’s a service - where you can play your desired contents anywhere, anytime. 

· Smart Searching Option

As AirtelScreen is a service with lots of contents, it has its smart searching option too. Just write the content’s name and find your content within a second!
· Make your own list

Just like bookmark you can create your own content list which you want to watch always or watch later.

· Contents on Demand:

AirtelScreen brings its contents on the basis of user’s demand. That’s why you will find here all of your favorite contents. · Commercial Ad Free
AirtelScreen is totally a commercial ad free service. So you don’t need to watch annoying advertisements anymore.

· Exclusive Items
AirtelScreen contains its exclusive contents only for its beloved users. Because AirtelScreen cares about you!

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